Our customers

We know our customers' vans are critical to the success of their business. We understand that in their business, time is money. So they need a van supplier that will treat them fairly and keep their vans on the road, no matter how many they have. We give our customers time to focus on what's really important to them, giving them complete peace of mind that no matter their own customers' changing demands, they will have the vans to match.

When our customers used to purchase, contract hire or lease vans, they would be tied in to a financial commitment that, even when vehicles were sat idle in their yards, had to be honoured. Why pay for vehicles which aren't being used?

Read why our customers choose Northgate Vehicle Hire

Saved around £20,000 per year since fitting the Northgate Vehicle Monitoring product

Business: Infrastructure support services in the utility sector
Employees: -
Fleet Size: 450

Fabrifen Ltd
Saved over £6,000 per year

Business: Steel and timber product manufacture and installation
Employees: 32
Fleet Size: 7

Saved £80,000 in the first 12 months

Business: Utilities
Employees: -
Fleet Size: -

Saved £18,750 on acquiring an additional 25 vehicles.

Business: Plant hire
Employees: 70
Fleet Size: 40

Airvent Systems (Services) Ltd
Retained £18,000 in cashflow.

Business: Light Engineering Service & Maintenance
Employees: 50
Fleet Size: 24

United Worldwide Logistics Ltd
Instantly improved cashflow by £10,000.

Business: Transport
Employees: 21
Fleet Size: 30

High Access Maintenance
Cashflow increase of £75,000.

Business: Building maintenance
Employees: 25
Fleet Size: 16

Complete Washroom Solutions
Estimated a saving of at least £3,000 per vehicle in running costs and efficiency.

Business: Washroom services/feminine hygiene service provider
Employees: 16
Fleet Size: 10

Firemark Ltd
Capital expenditure saved on vehicle acquisition alone has mounted to £75,000.

Business: Fire safety
Employees: 40-50
Fleet Size: 26

Fujitsu Telecommunications
Identified potential savings of over £35,000 per month.

Business: Telecommunications technology services
Employees: 2000
Fleet Size: 987

Warmer Energy Services
Reduced their vehicle rental costs by 10%.

Business: Installation and maintenance of heating and insulation systems
Employees: 100+
Fleet Size: 57

Quicksilver Transport
Saved over £7,500 in year one.

Business: Removals and deliveries
Employees: 5 plus 2 working partners
Fleet Size: 5

Douglas Communications
Saved over £15,000 annually.

Business: Telecommunications
Employees: 25 (plus 25 sub-contractors)
Fleet Size: 46

A.L. King Roofing
60% reduction in vehicle downtime.

Business: Roofing
Employees: 20
Fleet Size: 6