What did Kevin do?

Kevin contacted Northgate to switch his commercial vehicle acquisition method to long term flexible rental, and he wasn’t the only one. Many businesses, of all types and sizes, have made the switch to rental with Northgate and found that they:

  • Save money over the lifetime cost of purchasing and maintaining their own vehicles
  • Have a single transparent fee, which covers all servicing and maintenance, providing the business with one predictable cost
  • Can easily adapt their fleet depending on the demands of their business without incurring any penalties
  • Never worry about business disruption or financial losses due to vehicles being off the road
  • Removed the hassle of vehicle depreciation and disposal
  • Have access to a huge fleet of modern, fuel efficient vehicles from the industry’s most reputable manufacturers.

At Northgate we are able to offer the widest choice of standard and bespoke vehicles on the market. This is due to our relationships with manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Volkswagen and Peugeot, as well as our ability to provide additional equipment and livery for each vehicle that you require. Northgate’s long term vehicle rental solution allows you to change any vehicle on your fleet, or your fleet size, without penalty in order to fit with the needs of your business. We also provide breakdown recovery, servicing, and maintenance at no extra cost.

Read our customer testimonials to see how we have helped a number of UK businesses across a wide range of industries switch to long term rental and save money on their commercial vehicles.

Call us on 0844 234 3281 or complete the enquire form and one of our team will call you at your convenience to show you how our straightforward approach is your complete and cost effective solution.