Why Van Experience Live Is A Great Event

Why Van Experience Live Is A Great Event

We’re in the business of keeping your business moving, but we also like to reward and treat those customers that become our LCV long term partners by giving them a VIP experience and an insight into the fleet technology of the future.

For the past 14 years, we’ve been treating some of our valued customers to an interactive visit to the Van Experience Live event at the legendary Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedford.

The event takes place on 28th June this year and will give visitors hands-on experience with the latest Mercedes-Benz vans – and you’ll see why we’re proud to have them in the Northgate fleet.

Van Experience Live, organised by our partner Mercedes-Benz, is a way we can give our customers a unique VIP day out, courtesy of Northgate. Since the event started in 2003, we have participated every year, helping us and our guests to gain insight into the future of van technology, safety, fleet management and engineering. 

An unforgettable event in a landmark location


Mercedes-Benz’s Van Experience Live 2017 is set to be the biggest, most exciting edition ever. For those attending, expect to take part in a day like no other.

Taking place at the Millbrook Proving Ground, the location of the event is a renowned 700-acre multi-terrain track where the latest vehicle innovations are put to the test.

The event will give attendees the chance to be immersed and get interactive with vehicles they won’t have seen before and to step into the shoes of Mercedes-Benz engineers, as well as getting first-hand experience of everything today’s innovative vans can do.

Pushing Mercedes-Benz vans to their limits

From an adaptive Electronic Stability Program (ESP) to dependable 4x4 technology, Mercedes-Benz spends £4.63 billion every year on Research & Development.

While we hope our customers don’t need to see safety technology in action on their daily drives, Millbrook’s speed bowl, alpine route, and extreme terrains are the perfect and safe place to test the latest vehicle features.

On the day, you get to feel the thrill – and the security and handling of the vans on show – in various van driving sessions, racing lessons, and test drives.

Explore the latest concept vehicles

The event is not just about the innovation in vans of today. Mercedes-Benz will also be giving guests a tour of the future, showing what’s coming next to its van range with two unique concept experiences.

Blending style and real substance, the Concept X-CLASS will be available to explore through 360-degree virtual reality goggles. Step inside and see the view from behind the wheel, surrounded by sleek surfaces and intricate details.

Meanwhile, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Van will also be on-site. Presenting the next generation of logistics, the van brings together automated cargo space, integrated drones and even external LED displays that let the vehicle communicate with the environment around it.

The presentation of these high-tech advances is a must-see for all fleet managers, giving visitors a vision of what is to come in the world of vans and LCVs.

Are you ready for your van ‘treat’?


Invitations to join us at the Mercedes-Benz Van Experience Live 2017 on June 28th 2017 have already been sent to a lucky few. If you’re attending, we look forward to seeing you there for what promises to be the ultimate van test drive.

If not we’ll hope to see you next year, or catch up with you at another of the various rewards and treats we share through our Northgate loyalty programme.

Created: 10/10/2018 11:22:45

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