Webinar Series: Telematics

Webinar Series: Telematics

In these series of webinars about Northgate telematics, we cover everything from what the platform is to how it can be used to improve driver behaviour, free up time spent on admin, and spot cost-saving opportunities for your business.




This short webinar will take you on a quick tour of all areas of the platform, highlighting some of the key features which will help you manage your fleet more efficiently and effectively. From setting driver names to running scheduled reports, this webinar will give a view of it all.


 The Dashboard


This short webinar goes into detail about our Telematics Dashboards which are available for our Control + and Camera customers. Taking you through the process of opening these templated dashboards, it will then highlight each element of the dashboards, explaining what they show and how they can support you in managing your fleet.




Looking for more information on how telematics can provide you with the information needed to make your fleet more efficient and cost-effective? 


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Published: 10/03/2021 09:14

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