What did Paul do?

By contacting Northgate, Paul, and many other businesses who operate commercial vehicles, found that by switching their acquisition method to long term rental with Northgate they:

  • Saved money when compared to the whole life costs purchasing and running their own vehicles
  • Never worry about not having the right vehicle for the job as Northgate allow you to change your vehicle fleet without penalty
  • Remove the disruption of vehicles being off the road costing the business money
  • Can rely on one predictable, transparent fee which includes all servicing and maintenance
  • Have access to a large fleet of modern, fuel efficient vehicles from reputable manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Volkswagen
  • No longer have the hassle of vehicle depreciation and disposal

The solution that Northgate offer is adaptable to the changing needs of your business and should your demands change, you are able to swap any vehicles, or increase and decrease your fleet size without incurring any penalties. We can also fit additional equipment and livery to your vehicles to ensure your vehicle is perfect for the job at hand.

Read our customer testimonials to see how we have helped businesses across the UK switch to a long term rental solution for their commercial vehicle needs and deliver tangible substantial benefits to the business.

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