Our Vauxhall van lease range at Northgate Vehicle Hire is selected with the upmost care to ensure that it meets the needs of our wide and varied customer base.


We know every business is different which is why we offer every customer the opportunity to add specific equipment and specification to their vehicle to ensure it is equipped to do the job. Interior and exterior racking, tow bars, beacons and security devices are some of the more popular items. To make it even more personal we can apply your own company branding. You really can think of our vans as your vans.

Ready to get rid of your old van and choose Northgate for your next long term Vauxhall van hire requirement? Contact us today and let's get started!

Remember, we will never leave you stranded. We cover servicing, maintenance, breakdowns and replacement vehicles. We know you need your van on the road earning money and it is our objective to make that happen!