We Buy You Rent

We buy your aging fleet, you rent new vans.

As your owned vans continue to age, the costs of keeping these vehicles on the road continues to grow. This is why the We Buy You Rent scheme is the ideal solution for those businesses which have purchased their fleet providing a hassle free solution for disposing of your current vehicles, allowing you to take advantage of all the benefits that come along with light commercial vehicle rental from Northgate Vehicle Hire.

Problems with owning a vehicle

Increased maintenance and repair costs

As your vehicles age, the likelihood of breakdowns significantly increases costing you more money each month to repair and maintain.

Lost revenue from vehicle downtime

Your vans are a critical element of your business. When these are off the road, your business isn’t moving either resulting in lost work and revenue.

Lower end of life value

With increasing mileages, the end of life value for the vehicle will continue to drop resulting in a lower return when the time comes to sell the vehicle.

Lost customers from bad first impressions

A Populus Survey revealed that "Two thirds of consumers say the condition of a tradesman’s vehicle would influence their decision to use them."

End of life disposal challenges

When a vehicle is no longer fit for purpose, selecting the right disposal channel can be an additional hassle that you don’t have time for. Couple this with any fees that need to be paid and the value you receive back from the vehicles has significantly decreased.

4 step process:

  1. Open a Northgate Account

  2. Tell us the vehicles you want to dispose of

  3. We will go through a valuation process and agree a fair market value with you

  4. We will purchase your vehicles, leaving you free to rent from Northgate