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Get up to the first 8 weeks free on 12months+ when you hire a van before 31st January.*

How it works:

  • You hire a vehicle for 12 months or more
    • Four weeks free on 12 and 18 months1
    • Six weeks free on 24 months1
    • Eight weeks free on 36 months or more1
  • No upfront payment2
  • You choose the type of vehicle and specify any extras such as livery and racking
  • Change the type of vehicle once during the agreed term1
  • Servicing and maintenance package included as standard


Need a van for a shorter term? Get up to £300 back with our flexible hire

Flexible Hire


Need to sell your existing vehicle? You can sell your vehicles to us with We Buy, You Rent

 We Buy You Rent

Terms and conditions apply

2 Subject to credit check