SMR - save up to 40%

Northgate Vehicle Hire can help you reduce the costs of your owned vans and commercial vehicles. Your SMR costs will increase every year as your vehicles age. They will suffer more breakdowns and need more repairs and new parts every year.

You can significantly reduce your costs by minimising your SMR bills. Through our national workshop network, both owned and third party, we can save you up to 50% on SMR.

UK average labour rate
(franchised and non-franchised combined)
Northgate standard labour rate
(outside of London)
London average labour rate
(franchised and non-franchised combined)
Northgate standard labour rate
(London only)

Fleet Management Services

Northgate Fleet Management is part of Northgate Vehicle Hire and offers both SMR and fleet management services to businesses across the UK that operate a wholly owned fleet of vehicles. We work with companies to identify where fleet efficiencies and cost savings can be made. We then manage the process from start to finish utilising a range of fleet management products and services.

Control Fleet Costs

Our fleet management software offers you complete visibility of every vehicle that you operate. With our software you can access:

  • SMR history of each vehicle including costs

  • Live vehicle status updates

  • Driver details and vehicle documentation

  • Personalised reports

Scheduling and Compliance

Ensuring your fleet is roadworthy and compliant will significantly reduce risk and support your duty of care responsibilities. We proactively schedule legal and compliance events and manage all associated administration. All of this is managed by fully qualified HGV, light commercial vehicle and car engineers. All compliance paperwork is stored on our fleet management software and easily accessible by you.