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Businesses large and small choose vehicle rental from Northgate as the alternative to purchase, contract hire and lease. Combining Northgate's flexible vehicle rental, with our fixed term rental offerings, provides businesses with the fleet flexibility and cost control needed to meet the demands of modern business.

Over the whole life of your vehicles, Northgate's Flexible and Fixed Term Rental can save you money. Northgate's rental package includes servicing, maintenance, tyres, breakdown and recovery and replacement vehicles with no unexpected or hidden costs making the Northgate Choice, the most cost-effective option. 

For businesses who have purchased the vehicles on their fleet, we can offer a We Buy You Rent solution where we purchase your vehicles from you, releasing tied up residual capital and allowing you to rent your vehicles from Northgate and experience all the added benefits that come with the Northgate Choice.

We can also provide additional equipment and add your livery to the vehicles you hire making sure each vehicle is suitable for your business requirements. That’s why our customers choose long term vehicle rental from Northgate.

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Northgate branches nationwide


Northgate Vehicle Hire has branches across the UK and Ireland. From Aberdeen to Plymouth, Swansea to Norwich and Dublin to Cork, our helpful teams can get you a vehicle from our standard fleet in as little as 4 working hours.

We’ve saved our customers £000s


Our customers have saved their businesses time and money by choosing Northgate Vehicle Hire to supply their vehicles. Our customers understand that flexible rental is cheaper than purchase and contract hire when it comes to whole life vehicle costs.

Specialist vehicles


We supply more than just standard panel vans. With customers operating across a wide variety of industries, they often require vehicles with bespoke specifications and equipment. Our flexibility means we can supply these vehicles to make sure our customers can get the job done.

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We sell vans too!

Personal hire


Not a business?
We offer personal hire rates

Book a van from £68.19 per day

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The Northgate Vehicle Hire blog is our dedicated source of news and insight in to the key issues facing the LCV and fleet industry across the UK. So if you need help or advice we have plenty of great content right here!