3 reasons to choose Northgate’s 12months+ plan over buying

Northgate have launched 12months+, which gives fleet owners a unique and flexible alternative to contract hire

Here at Northgate, we’ve been supplying affordable and flexible fleet solutions for over 35 years. Therefore, we are excited to unveil 12months+ , a minimum term product that requires no deposit1 and enables you to change your vehicles once during the term.

So, what else makes 12months+ different from contract hire? And how will it benefit you instead of owning your own vans? Here are three reasons to choose 12months+ :

  • An all-inclusive package with predictable costs

Running a light commercial fleet comes with many challenges, such as increasing charges for servicing, maintenance, breakdown and compliance, as well as vehicle depreciation.

With Northgate’s 12months+, the costs are agreed from the outset so you won’t get any big surprises.

As with all of Northgate’s rental products, our 12, 18, 24, 36 and 48 month minimum term packages come with road tax, servicing and maintenance included as standard2. In the event of a breakdown, you get 5 star AA breakdown cover and a courtesy vehicle if we can’t get your van back on the road within 2 hours.


  • Flexibility to change your vehicles

Flexibility has always been at the forefront of Northgate’s proposition. If you suddenly require a different vehicle to one you have on hire, 12months+ allows you to change to a different vehicle once during the term3.

This unique offering from Northgate gives you a flexible alternative to contract hire, helping you to run your fleet efficiently.

Do you own your own vehicles but want to move your fleet to 12months+ ? Northgate’s We Buy You Rent package allows you to sell your old vans to us and rent your fleet from us, releasing capital to use in your business.


  • We reward your loyalty and no deposit required

Running a business can be expensive and Northgate wants to enable our customers to manage their finances more effectively.

Therefore, if you sign up to a 12months+ contract, you will get the most competitive deposit on the market – in fact, no initial deposit is required1.

Unlike many contract hire agreements, 12months+ enables you to achieve better rates with a shorter minimum commitment to reward your loyalty. Simply, the longer the term you pick, the better the rate.



1 Subject to credit approval.
Excludes repairs due to driver abuse or neglect, and replenishing AdBlue.

3 Excludes non-standard vehicles.

In addition, you’re never too far away from Northgate with over 60 branches and 50 wholly-owned workshops across the UK. Our wide network means we can get vehicles to our customers quicker and minimise downtime for your business.



  • Special introductory offer - get one month free vehicle rental!*

With this exclusive introductory offer, there has never been a better time to choose Northgate Vehicle Hire and saving money can be as simple at 1-2-3.

  1. Rent a van for 12 months and get 1 month free*
  2. Rent a van for 24 months and get 2 months free*
  3. Rent a van for 36 months and get 3 months free*

Not only will you get one month free for every year of your rental agreement, up to 3 years, but we support you every mile of the way keeping your business on the move.

What’s even better is that with the Northgate ‘We Buy, You Rent’ scheme, we are making it simpler than ever to make the switch by buying your aged vans in exchange for rental vans. You’ll never have to worry about servicing, maintenance or depreciating vans again.

Click on the link below to switch to Northgate Vehicle Hire and start saving money:




*Terms and conditions apply:
  • Offer applies to Northgate 12months+ rental booking only
  • Free month(s) issued as a credit at the end of each year per term agreement selected; 1 month free van rental on 12 month 12months+ rental booking; 2 months free van rental on 24 month 12months+ rental booking and 3 months free van rental on 36 month 12months+ rental booking
  • Subject to Northgate credit checks and your Northgate account being up to date

Published: 22/09/2017 10:20:46

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