Hire options

The Northgate Choice

The Northgate Choice is a unique blend of products and services that we have developed to provide your business with the perfect vehicle rental solution. Using any combination of our flexible long term van rental solution, and our fixed term solution, 12months+, you can tailor your fleet to meet the changing demands of your business.

No matter if you choose Flexible Hire, 12months+ or a combination of the two, all Northgate Vehicle Hire customers receive the same exceptional benefits with servicing and maintenance, road tax, national breakdown cover and more, all included.

With further services such as We Buy You Rent, allowing you to free up residual capital tied up in your fleet, and Telematics, giving you greater control and insight into your vehicle activity, we’re confident the Northgate Choice is the only choice you need ever make.

Our products

1. 12months+

Minimum term vehicle hire from Northgate. The flexible alternative to contract hire, ideal for businesses who can confidently predict their fleet requirements

Ideal for: Predictable fleet needs
2. Flexible Hire

Find out more about our flexible long term van rental solution which offers complete vehicle flexibility to meet changing business demands

Ideal for: Changing fleet requirements
3. We buy you rent

Release tied up residual capital in your purchased vehicles and experience all the benefits that come along with renting LCVs from Northgate Vehicle Hire.

Ideal for: Businesses with purchased vehicles