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What is ULEZ?

London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is a regulation that the government
are introducing in Central London to reduce air pollution. If you or your fleet
uses a vehicle that fails to meet the stricter emissions standards, the daily charges will nearly double when entering ULEZ. You can get up to speed with ULEZ and the other regulations on their way in our guide on the impact of ULEZ and CAZ on UK businesses.

What vans does the ULEZ charge apply to?

It is estimated that more than 80% of vans on the road today fail to meet the emissions standards (Source: Commercial Fleet 2018). Non-Euro 6 compliant diesel vans will be subject to ULEZ charges as they do not meet the emissions standards. Euro 6 diesel vans were first sold from September 2016, so any diesel vans that you’ve acquired before then are unlikely to meet the emissions standards. If you know your registration number, you can check whether your vehicle will meet the ULEZ standards via a tool provided by TfL (Transport for London).

Find out how much your business will be charged?

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How much will the ULEZ charge cost your business?

If your vehicle(s) do not meet the emissions standards, here’s a breakdown of the costs for a range of fleet sizes on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

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Three simple ways to beat the charge

Whether you’re a business owner or a fleet manager with a fleet of 1 or 1000+ vans, we’ve got three simple ways to help you beat the daily ULEZ charges. Northgate Vehicle Hire offers a range of ULEZ friendly vehicles with a hire option to suit your business needs.


Ideal for: Preparing for ULEZ and planning for future regulations.

Hire Euro 6 compliant vehicles on a long-term or flexible basis from a fleet that is periodically refreshed with new models.

2. We Buy, You Rent

Ideal for: Transitioning from ownership to vehicle hire.

Sell your old vehicles and hire new Euro 6 compliant models. Get all the benefits of vehicle hire and inject cash back into your business.


Ideal for: Trading in old vehicles to buy Euro 6 compliant models.

A hassle-free way to sell old and non-compliant vehicles to buy Euro 6 models. Choose from the UK’s largest selection of quality used vans.

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