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3 Things to ask when choosing a fleet provider

Northgate's guide to creating the perfect Request for Proposal or Invitation to Tender for fleet management

Safe and sound: Don’t become a victim of van theft

Taking the proper precautions can reduce the risk of van theft and keep your vehicle and belongings safe.

Why do businesses think rental is short term?

The perception that vehicle rental is short-term needs to be dispelled, as flexible solutions are the future.

The trouble with old vans: It’s a big failure

With older vehicles, the likelihood of one or more things going wrong gets greater with every passing year.

Northgate Vehicle Hire Announces Major New Sponsorship

Northgate Vehicle Hire Announces Major Sponsorship With British Touring Car Championship Front Runners

Launch of Northgate Choice: Complete Flexibility and Control

An industry first for the LCV market; ‘fix, flex or mix’ options to empower customers

How to stop fleet managers having sleepless nights

Visibility over fleet operations and costs can prevent fleet managers losing sleep at night.

How to beat the bad weather

Being able to work through or around bad weather can ensure business agility and keep customers happy.

Government Announce Green Van Policy Reforms

Details have been released of plans that will make it easier for van drivers to switch to greener vehicles.

Fuel prices and your fleet: what does the future hold?

The price of fuel can affect running costs, particularly across a fleet - but is it possible to predict rises?

Euro 6 Emissions Legislation: will it affect your fleet?

Euro 6 emissions legislation makes it more important than ever to consider your fleet's environmental impact.

Easing the worry of transporting high value products

Transporting high-value products and equipment often requires reliable and specialist vehicles.