EVs better with back-office management systems

07/02/20238 minutes read

Transitioning from an ICE fleet to an electric fleet can be hectic, understandably, which is why having a convenient charging system in place for fleet drivers is even more important.


Without an easy-to-use system in place, fleet drivers are likely to feel overwhelmed and deterred from using EVs and this may put businesses off as they look to avoid employee discontent and interruptions to daily business operations.


EV charging back-office systems show their value by helping you monitor your EV charging network administration needs in one smooth experience for you and your drivers.


Here are a few quickfire benefits of back-office systems you can expect for your business:


  • On-the-go app for mobile devices
  • Energy management capabilities with automated on/off periods for better efficiency, helping to reduce energy bills
  • Rapid customer service with remote troubleshooting which delivers real-time data to IT support, helping to minimise downtime

Security and scalability for fleet managers      



Back-office systems are secure, scalable, and cloud-based, able to deliver real-time data to fleet managers to help manage and operate EV charging infrastructure – a core requirement for operating a successful EV network.


So, essentially, they are a fleet manager’s dream, allowing a transparent view of charge point behaviour. Additionally, useful financial features such as charge point tariff scheduling depending on demand allow for better revenue generation along with the ability to potentially have different tariffs for Fleet Drivers (free), company car drivers (discounted) and visitors (full price).


Fleet managers are already familiar with telematics, using the technology to record driver hours, mileage, driver behaviour and other useful information. By integrating your telematics system, you can streamline your back-office system to help reduce administrative overload and improve cash flow with a better return on investment.


Businesses are actively seeking to better understand their carbon footprint and its impact on the environment to align with the government’s ten-point plan for a greener UK, and fleet managers can utilise the ability to efficiently manage their charge point network(s) to analyse the true effects of their business’ charging infrastructure.



Let’s talk charge cards



Charge cards are linked to a company spending account and used by drivers when buying energy for a business vehicle, helping fleet managers to better track spending and business expenses of their grey fleet.


Simplicity, convenience, and time-saving (time is money after all) are just a few benefits that charge cards bring to a business. Other positives include:


  • A quick and convenient way to pay for EV charging
  • Increased security and a safer alternative to carrying cash
  • Tighter control of business expenses
  • Streamline admin processes
  • Increased flexibility for recharging across a huge network



Allstar One Electric


Northgate has teamed up with Allstar Business Solutions to provide customers with an electric charging card and access to 1,102 rapid chargers and over 2,966 fast chargers.



Back-office made simple with Northgate’s electric vehicle and home charging bundle


Our all-in-one electric vehicle and home charging bundle (available on Northgate 12months+ hires) not only includes an EV and home charge point but also provides access to an inclusive platform that gives fleet managers full control and visibility of driver charging utilisation without the need of time-consuming administrative work and access to a large network of publicly available charge points - a singular portal to set-up and manage your charge points your way.


Integrate your fleet to have battery status and location at your disposal as well as state of charge, scheduling, charging rate statistics, and more. Smart charging features within the platform use data from the grid and individual EV usage patterns to assess the optimal time to charge and supports Static, Dynamic and True Dynamic load balancing meaning in periods where low amounts of energy are required to power other technology in the building, the remaining power can be channelled to the charge points in use.


Additionally, fleet managers can compensate drivers through a company wallet feature and have a record of all payments & transactions.



Manage pricing

  • Offer different pricing per kWh/Per Minute/Spot pricing, Idle fee, or Fixed start fee, and create different customers/user groups



Manage availability

  • Make charge points private, public or scheduled
  • Schedule different kWh pricing at different hours



Receive overviews

  • See charges performed, completed charges, failed charges, users, usage, and charge point status



Charge point performance

  • See who reported it, what the issue is, and the status
  • Self-Healing (auto reboot the charge points)



We can help your Drive to Zero at every stage


Northgate’s Drive to Zero hub hosts a complete range of EV transition tools.


From helping you choose the right E-LCV from a varied selection of market-best manufacturers through our customer-friendly vehicle finder to discussing charging infrastructure to driver training and advice – wherever you are on your electrification journey we can help your Drive to Zero.

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