Northgate's Suitability Analysis: A Peace of Mind for Electric Vehicle Drivers

Feedback from our customers has highlighted concerns about the costs and availability of easily accessible and reliable public charging infrastructure.


This is a consistent concern and one the UK government has pledged £1.6bn to tackle directly as part of their new Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy. However, whilst there has been some early success with the growth of public charging nationwide, the consensus within the industry is that the UK is still not ready for mass electric vehicle (EV) adoption.


Despite this, Northgate does not believe public charging infrastructure concerns should be an EV blocker for your business. And we have the solutions to back it up.



What is our suitability analysis?


In short, Northgate’s EV suitability analysis checker determines your fleet’s readiness to transition to electric.


The long of it? We provide expert advice, analyse your fleet’s data so you don’t have to, and assess your drivers’ capability for a home charge point installation as well as your HQ’s capability for depot/site charge point installation. We take that burden on to give you peace of mind and a valuable asset for your business – time.



How the suitability analysis works


Through our free fleet analysis we can review your fleet journey data and CO2 emissions to identify vehicles that travel within the scope of an EV range, highlighting the vehicles suitable for electric vehicle alternatives.


For vehicles that stay at your drivers’ residences overnight, we can perform a driver survey to identify where home chargers can be installed, allowing you to take full advantage of our comprehensive electric vehicle and home charging bundle, all in one simple regular payment.


For vehicles that stay at your HQ overnight, or can be charged during the day, we can perform a free site survey to determine the best strategy for your workplace charge point installations as well as access and expert advice on suitable workplace charging grants your business is eligible for to help your cashflow during your EV transition.



Working With Qest Ltd On Their Drive To Zero Journey


We managed Qest Ltd’s fleet transition to electric from inception onwards. Our customer testimonial explains how we delivered driver surveys, EV trial vehicles and the Northgate EV Hire and Home Charging Bundle to benefit Qest on their Drive to Zero. Click here to view.



Zapmap: Using the public network


Our suitability analysis works to guarantee that your fleet is not reliant on the public charging network. Your drivers would only need to use the network as means to ‘top-up’ in special circumstances, and as part of our solution we ensure your drivers can navigate Zapmap for these cases.


Zapmap is a nationwide map of electric car charging points, downloadable as a mobile app, to help EV drivers find their nearest EV charging point. It allows the driver to search and filter for electric car charging point distance, charging speed, and payment method as well as plan routes with the smart route planner.


Northgate have teamed up with Allstar Business Solutions to deliver Allstar One Electric,  a combined fuel and charge card, compatible with Zapmap, that gives you access to 11,000+ chargepoints and over 2,966 fast chargers from 16 network partners including InstaVolt, Gridserve, GeniePoint, Source London, and Alfa Power.



Why transition to EVs?


Electric vehicles offer numerous benefits for fleet managers, contributing to significant cost savings in terms of fuel and maintenance (maintenance costs estimated to be 49% lower than ICE vehicles) whilst aligning with your business ESG goals. Northgate’s Drive To Zero programme helps you realise these benefits, and more!


Lower electricity prices, compared to conventional fuels, coupled with being exempt from CAZ charges means operating an electric fleet can result in long-term savings. By transitioning to EVs, fleet managers can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and align with green initiatives, a significant consideration when bidding for tenders.

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