Clean Air Zones (CAZ)

What is CAZ?

Clean Air Zones (CAZ) are areas where you will have to pay a daily charge to enter them with a vehicle that does not meet the set emissions standards.


Why is the government introducing CAZ?

The purpose of a CAZ is to reduce harmful Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) vehicle emissions in our cities by discouraging the use of polluting vehicles and travel methods through financial charges.

CAZs are part of the government’s plans announced in 2015 to improve air quality across the UK.


Where will CAZ be introduced?

Many local authorities have been tasked with how and if they will introduce a CAZ. The first CAZs will be launched in Bath and Birmingham. For other cities, local authorities are either yet to confirm when they will introduce CAZ, are proposing alternatives, or have opposed implementing one.   


When will CAZ be introduced?

The following is a list of the first cities to confirm they will be introducing CAZ. Many other cities are considering CAZ as well. You can use the BVRLA CAZ map as a helpful way to keep up to date with the plans for each city. 

  • Bath – 15th March 2021
  • Birmingham – 1st June 2021
  • London ULEZ Expansion – October 2021


Which vehicle does CAZ apply to?

Any vehicle entering a CAZ that does not meet the emissions standards set by the local authority.  

Notable exemptions for business vehicles: 

  • Vans that meet Euro 6 (diesel) or Euro 4 (petrol) emissions standards
  • Ultra-low emission vehicles, such as electric or many hybrid vehicles. 

Before entering a CAZ, you should check if the charge applies to your vehicle on the government website.


How do I pay the daily charge for a CAZ?

You can check whether the charge applies to your vehicle and pay the daily charge on the government website.


Three simple ways to beat the charge

We offer businesses a range of vehicles that meet the emissions standards and are exempt from the charges. Whether you need a commercial vehicle for one day, a year or more, we have hire options and add-on services that can be tailored to your business’s needs.


1 Vehicle Hire

Ideal for: Preparing for CAZs and setting your fleet up with future-proofing in mind

 Hire your business vans to meet the emissions standards of today, and take advantage of regular vehicle refreshes and flexibility to help your business keep pace with any future changes.

Find out more about Vehicle Hire


2 We Buy, You Rent

Ideal for: Selling any non-compliant vehicles you own to hire electric or Euro 6 models

Sell your old vehicles and hire new electric or Euro 6 compliant models. Get all the benefits of vehicle hire and inject cash back into your business.

Find out more about We Buy, You Rent


3 Part Exchange

Ideal for: Trading in old non-compliant vehicles to buy Euro 6 models

A hassle-free way to sell old and non-compliant vehicles to buy Euro 6 models. Choose from the UK’s largest selection of quality used vans.

Find out more about Part Exchange with Van Monster

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