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All the help you need to transition your fleet to Electric Vehicles (EVs), from the provision of EVs to charging infrastructure and more.

Begin your EV journey for your fleet or business

If you’re looking to make the switch to EVs for your business, we can assist you through every stage from strategy to implementation and beyond.

Our Flexible Hire options are perfect for introducing EVs to your fleet or setting your business up long-term for the end of petrol and diesel vehicles.

Choose from our growing range of EVs and hire them for the time period that suits you.

Take the next step in The Drive to Zero.

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Go Electric

Northgate are providing the latest EV options to help fleets prepare for an electric future, offering a full end to end solution to assist fleets through every step. 

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Are you ready to introduce EVs to your fleet? With many factors to consider, find out if your business is ready to make the transition to electric vehicles.

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Here to help on your Drive to Zero


Are you ready to introduce EVs to your fleet? 


Northgate provide the latest Electric Vehicle (EV) options.


Analyse costs, options and required infrastructure.


Discover the most efficient and effective strategy.


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