The trouble with old vans: It’s a big failure

With older vehicles, the likelihood of one or more things going wrong gets greater with every passing year.

04/10/201810 minutes read

Old Vans Big Failure

Almost every motorist will be aware of the dread that comes with waiting for an MOT result. With everything from the engine to the windscreen wipers being tested, it is a process that can flag up damage and necessary repairs extending into the hundreds and even thousands of pounds.

With older vehicles in particular, the likelihood of one or more things going wrong gets greater with every passing year, and as the model falls out of production and parts become harder to come by, the cost of replacing it can soon spiral out of control.

Affects any and all

Of course, it is not only older vehicles that can fail their MOTs, as many van owners will be aware – the DVSA estimates that 50 per cent of all LCVs will fail their first MOT, as wear and tear immediately takes its toll.

For van drivers and their businesses, the implications of a failed MOT can be significant and are not limited to the cost of repairing the vehicle.

Those initial costs are certainly burdensome, and can range from correcting electrical problems to replacing entire parts of the vehicle, and this alone can leave a major hole in finances.

However, other factors also need to be taken into account, such as the loss of revenue caused by vehicle downtime while the van itself is being repaired.

For organisations that rely on being on the road, and for which their van is effectively their mobile workplace, having it out of action can prevent them from doing any kind of work and result in significant loss of revenue.

Unexpected costs

Even for larger business that may have a fleet of owned vans, it is rare for a fund to be set aside purely for fixing commercial vehicles, which means things such as tyre replacements, MOT repairs, breakdowns and even replacement vehicles can be a time and cost sink.

On top of this is the possibility of damage caused by an accident and the associated financial outlay, which can sometimes result in money being syphoned from other parts of the business to cover the cost.

Northgate’s range of vehicles eliminates the chances of customers experiencing these circumstances, as service, maintenance and repair (SMR) is provided as standard.

The average vehicle in the Northgate fleet has an age of just 22 months and so the chance of breakdowns is rare, yet customers receive a comprehensive SMR package that reduces vehicle and business downtime and helps to provides ongoing peace of mind.

Replacement vehicles are also provided when any SMR lasts longer than two hours, which means downtime is minimised and customers do not need to lose out on any working hours.

Every business will be aware of the cost of ownership when it comes to vehicles and any other technology – something that vehicle hire can help to eliminate by removing uncertainty from the process.

This removal of unexpected costs can have tangible business benefits, not only helping to save money, but also providing peace of mind that no additional outlay will be required to keep the fleet on the road and ensure customer expectations are met.

Contact us to find out about flexible and long-term van rental and leasing today.

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