EV Blockers: Removing the obstacles for small-sized fleets' electrification

Removing the obstacles to small-sized fleets’ electrification


The UK’s total fleet largely consists of small and medium-sized fleets. Despite this, there is a feeling within the industry that they lack the necessary support when navigating their transition to electric vehicles.


Research from Alphabet (accurate as of June 2023), concluded that 45% of fleet managers operating small and medium-sized fleets struggle with the added responsibilities of electrifying their fleet alongside business-as-usual tasks. 79% of small and medium fleet managers acknowledged that fleet type has a significant impact in meeting their net zero targets (Alphabet, June 2023) as they look to leverage the benefits of EVs for a greener business.



The hurdles of EV transition for small-sized


Transitioning to EVs can be difficult to navigate and takes time to research and implement but by planning ahead, you put your business in a better position. The main hurdles for smaller fleets struggling to transition are commonly: lack of time, lack of money, and lack of knowledge.


28% of small-sized fleet managers said that whilst they are looking to transition to EV, they simply haven’t had the time to go through the process and 17% revealed a lack of expertise as the main obstacle (Alphabet, June 2023).


Another primary challenge is the upfront cost of purchasing EVs, which tends to be higher compared to their traditional counterparts and poses a financial barrier for small fleet operators with limited budgets.


Addressing these hurdles requires a multi-faceted approach, but by overcoming these challenges, small fleets in the UK can realise the benefits of electric vans and contribute to a greener and more sustainable transportation landscape.



Is your business ready for the move to electric?


Northgate can take away those hurdles with our EV suitability analysis checker. We assess your fleet’s readiness for EVs, provide expert advice, and analyse your fleet’s data to lessen your administrative burden, giving you more time to focus on your daily operations.


The first step in electrifying your fleet is to identify which vehicles in your fleet are suitable for electric vehicle alternatives. It's essential to focus on vehicles that possess certain qualities conducive to electric mobility, such as suitable daily mileage and payload, and sufficient dwell times for charging.


By focusing on vehicles that meet the suitability criteria, you can ensure a smooth transition whilst maximizing the benefits of electrification. We provide a Total Cost of Ownership comparison for an ICE vehicle and the relevant EV alternative to give you the full scope of the cost implications to your business when accounting for charging and running costs.


Once you have identified the suitable candidates, you can further explore factors such as charging infrastructure requirements, financial incentives, and the range of electric vehicle models that align with your fleet's requirements. Not only will this approach help reduce your fleet's carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment, but it can also lead to long-term cost savings through reduced fuel and maintenance expenses.



You don’t need to worry about public charging


Our suitability analysis doesn’t just stop at vehicles, we also assess your drivers and their capability for a home charge point installation as well as the option for depot/site charge points depending on where the vehicles are kept - so that your fleet operation doesn’t feel the burden of public charging infrastructure setbacks.


Additionally, through hiring, we cover all the initial investment costs for the vehicle meaning that it is relatively risk free for your drivers to trial EV’s with suitable driver test cases and get a feel for the e-vans before a longer term commitment– helping you make the right EV choices for your business.



Hire options for every need


With the increased flexibility of our hire options, you can flex your fleet size to meet seasonal demands and maximise the utilisation of your fleet – no dormant vehicles hampering your financial health!



Easily transition to Hire


With We Buy You Rent Northgate gives you a hassle-free option to transition over to new vehicles.


Release capital tied up in depreciating assets and let us ‘carry the cost of ownership’ across our range of flexible hire options, giving your cashflow a boost.



Drive to Zero made simple for business


Northgate's comprehensive electric vehicle and home charging bundle prioritises your peace of mind by providing a home charger with a 5-year warranty with service and maintenance as standard, ensuring you are covered right from the beginning.

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