Reviewing our first year of EV Open Days

Our EV open days are generating quite the buzz with our customers, but why? Here’s what you can expect at a Northgate EV open day!


Alongside our charging specialist partner ChargedEV, our EV solutions experts present the full scope of our Drive to Zero programme in detail – a full breakdown of how we can help your transition to electric at every stage of the journey with an introduction to our EV solutions and discussions on our customer’s challenges in transitioning to electric. Also, there’s opportunity to test drive a wide range of electric vehicles from leading manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and Peugeot, including some urban mobility vehicles provided by EV specialists ePowerTrucks.



What our customers say:


The value of our open days shows first using the insight we gather from our customers. We tailor each day around our customers by asking them to complete a short questionnaire about their current electrification journey, so they get the relevant answers to the questions that are most important to their business.


The feedback showed that 60% of attendees are yet to start or are at the start of their EV journey with 36% currently on the journey. The main concern remains over the viability of electric vehicles themselves. Most respondees said they were most interested in discussing electric vehicles throughout the day, with vehicle choice and suitability key areas of interest.


Rather unsurprisingly, given the growing influence of Clean Air Zones and Ultra Low Emission Zones and the government’s encouragement of business ESG strategies - the biggest motivators for a transition to electric were the prospects of cost savings in comparison to diesel vehicles and carbon reduction. This comes amid cost of implementation and EV suitability concerns (36%).


“These EV open days are extremely useful as they are giving us real time feedback from different types and sizes of fleet during their move to electric. It enables my team to understand the type of help and support they need,” explained Melanie Creedy, Northgate’s EV Business Development Manager. “Everybody’s journey is different, but whatever stage they are at, cost and implementation consistently keep coming up as their main challenge.” 



Who are ChargedEV?


Northgate collaborates with ChargedEV, a leading charging specialist forming part of the ReddeNorthgate group, to produce tailored charging solutions specific to your business needs. Our partnership brings you expertise in all areas of electrification for a smooth, hassle-free experience.


ChargedEV have over 10 years in business in the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of electric vehicle charging equipment into domestic, commercial, and public spaces. With over 45,000 charge points installed you are promised a quality service done right every time in full compliance with the latest regulations and training.



Don’t miss the next one!


We’ve hosted EV open days at many locations this past year, connecting with various customers and fellow industry members throughout the UK. Notable locations include:


  • Belfast
  • Bolton
  • Bristol
  • Cannock
  • Glasgow
  • Reading
  • Stockton


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Ready to begin your Drive to Zero?


The practicalities of transitioning your fleet to EV’s can be a large and daunting prospect - that is where we come in.


Partnering with Northgate and our award-winning Drive to Zero programme gives you support at every stage of your transition journey. From EV suitability and vehicle choice to charging infrastructure and driver adoption, and more.

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