What van drivers and operators need to know about PAS 29000:2021

Van drivers and operators now have guidelines on preventing their commercial vehicles being used in acts of terrorism and serious organised crime.

The PAS 29000:2021 guidelines have been published by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and are supported by the Department for Transport.


Who is PAS 29000:2021 for?

The guidelines have been designed with all business sizes in mind and can be tailored as needed. Whether vehicles are hired, owned, or leased, the guidelines are for operators and drivers of:

• LCVs (Light Commercial Vehicles)
• HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles)
• Public Service Vehicles (e.g. Coaches and buses)
• Mobile plant (e.g. Cranes and tip trucks)


Why should you use PAS 29000:2021?

As well as reducing the risk that vehicles will be used for malicious purposes, the guidelines help businesses protect their assets and employees, and they also assist in minimising any potential costs, lost time, and disruption that may occur.


What are the PAS 29000:2021 requirements?

Among other guidance, the standard proposed requires operators to:

• Improve their awareness of the potential risks.
• Determine which risks apply to their business.
• Develop a security management plan.
• Assess risk exposure.
• Put in place management and accountability for security.
• Carry out checks of driver references and previous employment history.
• Conduct regular visual checks of vehicles for signs of tampering.

To aid the uptake of the standard, the government have announced plans to develop accreditation schemes for commercial vehicle firms. Further details on when this will be are expected in due course.

For more information on the PAS 29000:2021 guidelines and how to get a hold of a copy visit the BSI Shop.


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