The best large vans on the market in 2021

The best large vans on the market in 2021

Ideal for industries that find themselves moving lots and often, large vans are the backbone of many British businesses. With no end of options such as panel vans, combis and tail lifts, the accommodating payloads of large vans are perfect for things like home removals, furniture delivery and shifting stock or product between sites.

If acquiring a large van makes sense for your business, you’ve no end of options to weigh up, including models from leading manufacturers like Ford, Mercedes Benz and Iveco. It can be a crowded market, so to get you started, here are a selection of vans that fit the bill for any business looking to get or stay on the move.

Should I opt for a large van?

Large vans are suitable for businesses that frequently have large loads and lots of cargo to move around. These accommodating payloads do come with a price, and you’ll tend to find that large vans are less economical and cost more to run than their smaller variants. That’s why you should only opt for a large van if you’re likely to need the loadspace, or if you think the job of two small vans you use could be done by one large van instead. If that’s the case, acquiring a large van for your business could cut down on costs and streamline your business’s operations.

However, one thing to note is that large vans don’t necessarily offer bigger payloads than medium vans. What you do get with large vans are greater dimensions and volume. But that’s not to say you’ll be able to fill all that space – you still need to keep the maximum payload in mind. As a result, large vans can pose a risk where overloading is concerned, and in many cases it may prove more economical to stick with a medium van instead.

There are plenty of industries where a large van will be the right option however, such as if you move big and bulky items such as furniture. And fortunately, you’ve a wealth of large vans in the UK to pick from, including models that are targeted towards the needs of your business.

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What are the best large vans?


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Combining its industry-leading safety features (including Crosswind Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane-Keeping Assistance) with its premium finishes, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a recent and popular entrant to the market. Coming with a range of engines, the payload on offer with the Sprinter is accommodating though far from the largest in this sector.


Vauxhall Movano

Defying its comparatively lower roof height, the spacious Movano boasts a particularly impressive payload. With four body lengths and three different heights, there’s a variant of this popular large van for almost any operation. Add in four engine choices and the option of front or rear wheel drive, and it’s easy to make a Movano all your own.



One of the budget options on the market, the LDV V80 has been around since 2004, but has received plenty of updates since then. Alongside a reasonable fuel economy of up to 35.9mpg, its relatively low price tag helps make the V80 one of the cheaper large vans for sale, and its payload is certainly within the ballpark for many cargo requirements.


Renault Master

With a near endless-list of variants to choose from, the Renault Master is a versatile model that’s suited to all kinds of business needs. Between various wheelbase lengths and cargo capacities, as well as optional all-wheel drive and five engine outputs, the economic running of the Master make it a favourite for businesses on the move.


Nissan NV400

Similar in its architecture to the Master and Movano, the slightly smaller NV400 makes up for its reduced payload with the efficiency of its 2.3 litre diesel engine. And with the renowned build quality of Nissan, you can expect oil and filter changes to be needed only once every two years – or 25,000 miles.


Peugeot Boxer

Making use of surprisingly powerful 2.2-litre engines, the reliable Boxer is remarkably similar to the Citroen Replay and Fiat Ducato, with all of these models produced through a joint venture. Handy interior features are in abundance with this large Peugeot van, including heated door mirrors and built-in satellite navigation for the higher trims.



At the smaller end of the segment, many variants of the sturdy IVECO Daily fall within the medium van sector. Choose from body styles that include standard vans, chassis cabs and crew cabs, each coming in a tailored selection of heights and lengths that make finding the perfect fit for your business operations easy. What’s more, there are an impressive nine different engine options, so you can choose the most economical based upon your cargo requirements and the scale of your business’s operations.


Ford Transit

Despite sitting at the lower end of the sector in regard to payload, the incredibly popular Ford Transit comes with a versatile selection of body styles including standard van, double cab and combi options. There’s a seriously impressive lineup of lengths, wheelbases and roof heights to pick from too, which is just part of why the Transit is the reliable powerhouse of so many British businesses. All while the innovative safety features and high quality interior touches help make the Ford Transit a top seller within the UK large vans section of the market.


How can Northgate Help?

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Published: 07/04/2021 13:22

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