Don’t underestimate the importance of peace of mind

Having certainty and transparency over fleet operations can give businesses much-needed peace of mind.

04/10/20185 minutes read

Peace of mind is important in all walks of life – without it, we would constantly stress over multiple things.

When it comes to a company’s operations, having complete control over every process at all times is easier said than done, especially when dealing with fleets, where vehicles and workers are constantly on the move.

For fleet managers and business owners, it can be a constant source of worry, which can soon become overwhelming if things begin to go wrong and even the most vice-like grips on operations start to slip.

Multiple considerations

Among the many considerations when controlling a fleet is the wellbeing of not only the staff, but the vehicles that they operate, which are used to transport both them and the equipment and materials necessary to complete a job.

When so many factors are involved, the risk of things going wrong can increase considerably – will the vehicle reach the destination? Is it equipped to do the job? What if it breaks down? Is it compliant with the law? Is it too far away?

In these situations, having as much control as possible over these elements can help to provide peace of mind and limit the amount of time and resource that needs to go into controlling and managing specific operations.

When money, safety, time, the weather, staff happiness and customer service are all part of the same melting pot, having assurances that one or more aspects is taken care of can have a knock-on effect that then enables time and resources to be diverted to other areas of the business.

Real-world example

One of our customers, Complete Washroom Solutions, initially approached us after being faced with several conundrums that were each combining to exacerbate each other, and which stemmed from owning its own fleet.

The existing fleet acquisition method meant that upfront charges were incurred for sign writing, ply lining and extractor fan fitting, all of which resulted in a large capital outlay, while mileage was higher than anticipated, leading to escalating maintenance and repair costs.

Subsequently, the aesthetic appeal of the vehicles was rapidly diminishing due to age and wear and tear, and servicing and repairs were difficult to plan, which led to many drivers being taken off the road and replacement vehicles being required, causing even more expenditure.

Through Northgate, Complete Washroom Solutions was able to identify the right vehicles to suit its business needs, and benefit from the fitting of bespoke features that meant no upfront charges were incurred.

Driver downtime was also minimised through the use of a dedicated network of wholly owned and warranty approved workshops and accessibility to replacement vehicles, while flexibility was bolstered significantly through the option to upsize at short notice in line with fluctuating demands.

The result was a saving of at least £3,000 per vehicle in running costs and improvements in efficiency, separate to the physical cost of purchasing a fleet outright, all of which combined to substantially reduce the fleet management headache.

Reducing stress

As vehicles can be just as unpredictable as staff and customers, having as many safeguards as possible in place to deal with the unexpected can help to provide a quick resolution if something does happen, and – just as importantly – offer constant peace of mind, even if things go smoothly.

When running a business with several moving parts, in which time is money and every minute spent worrying or dealing with an avoidable matter can result in lost business, having a degree of certainty over the fleet can be invaluable.

Northgate provides a fair and transparent service that can help to meet a business’s specific needs and ensure that customer demands can be consistently met.

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