3 Things to ask when choosing a fleet provider

3 Things to ask when choosing a fleet provider

When faced with choosing a supplier that provides fleet management solutions, looking at all the different options available can be a daunting task, whatever the size of your business.

With hundreds of providers to choose from and a plethora of different vehicles and packages, we have created a guide to the questions you should be asking to ensure you find the right supplier to suit you and your business.

Whether you’re new to van hire or you’re looking to change fleet provider, these are some of the most important factors to consider:


1. Is there a flexible arrangement available if I need to change fleet size according to demand? 

For many businesses, no week or month is the same and you may require more or less vehicles at short notice, according to demand.

Check if potential suppliers allow you the ability to change the size of your fleet on flexible packages or maybe even combine fixed and flexible contracts. This will allow you to find the most cost-effective solution that suits you and help you to avoid unnecessary charges.

Here at Northgate Vehicle Hire, our Norflex plan gives you the flexibility to downsize or upsize your fleet without the worry of early termination charges.


2. Can you provide a comprehensive package that includes maintenance and the ability to get a replacement vehicle if required? 

No-one likes costly surprises; so ask potential suppliers if vehicle maintenance and servicing is included in the rental price. Also, ensure the company you choose is clear on whether excess mileage will be inclusive or charged for. Any charges should be transparent and predictable.

If your van does break down unexpectedly, can the supplier provide another vehicle as quickly as possible in order to reduce downtime for your business? Do they have the capability to send the out-of-action van to a dedicated garage or workshop quickly? Some suppliers will include breakdown cover in your package so it is worth considering if this is important to you.

Northgate include servicing and maintenance as part of your hire package. With 50 wholly-owned workshops across the UK and premium breakdown cover from the AA also included, we ensure you won’t be off the road for more than two hours.


3. Do you have the capability for me to track fleet using state-of-the-art telematics?

The ability to monitor your vehicles can give you an insight into journeys and driving times of your employees, as well as proof of arrival and departure times. This will help you gain greater visibility over the movement of your fleet, helping to ensure the safety of your drivers, as well as reducing fuel consumption, administration, and overtime claims.

If this is a service that will benefit your business, does the vehicle hire company offer this service to measure driving behaviours of each driver?

Northgate offer a comprehensive telematics service tailored to your business requirements, allowing you to optimise routes and helping you to complete more jobs every week.

Published: 10/10/2018 15:18

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