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While we have a fantastic range of vehicles to choose from, you can also see more of our selection in our other branches. You can hire a van in Coventry or find another branch to see if there’s a more convenient option.

Medium and Long-Term Rental Vans in Birmingham

As the second largest city in England, Birmingham has a strong economy with businesses taking advantage of its fantastic location and transport links. Combined with a booming tourism industry and close ties with the Industrial Revolution, there are plenty of reasons that it’s been a pivotal location in the country.

There’s a canal network, once crucial to the transportation of goods, now surrounded by bars and cafés to create a fantastic social scene that caters to all tastes. Proud sporting teams, cultural events and attractions, such as the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, also draw people in from across the country and beyond to see exactly what’s on offer.

Northgate Birmingham is well located for businesses looking to hire vans to help their business grow. With flexible contracts starting from three months to over five years, we can help you find the right vehicle to meet your goals without the large, upfront cost of buying a van outright. If you’re unsure whether buying a van is the right move for your business, this is the best option to ensure you don’t waste resources.

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Hiring the best van for you in Birmingham

When you need to hire a van, Northgate Birmingham is the best option. We understand the challenges and demands faced by business owners change quickly, and hiring is a more flexible option that allows you to control your resources more effectively.

With lots of makes and models to choose from, we’re confident of finding the van your business. Our expert team is always ready to help by answering any questions and we’ll use our knowledge to ensure you get the right hire contract.

The flexible contracts we offer means we make sure that the van you choose is yours for the right amount of time. This minimises disruption and allows you to focus on the important areas of your business. By taking into account a number of factors, such as mileage, engine, wheelbase, size and more, we present only the best vehicles for you to choose from.

There are many advantages to using a van in a city, with the most obvious being the extra space available. You can carry more equipment and goods on each journey, improving efficiency and getting more done in the same amount of time. Our team works with you to understand what you’re looking for to make the process simple.

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Places to visit in Birmingham

West Midlands van hire options
West Midlands van hire options

There are no better van hire options than from Northgate West Midlands. With our great range of vehicles and fantastic selection of hire contracts, we’re confident you’ll get the perfect combination for your business. This allows you to keep your business running smoothly and grow as you expect. Buying a van is a big investment and the vehicle you choose might not be suitable in the long-term, which is where hiring gives you more control.

Customer Service in the West Midlands
Customer Service in the West Midlands

At Northgate in the West Midlands, we take pride in the excellent customer service offered to everyone. By keeping our vehicles in the best shape through service and maintenance plans so you can rely on the vehicle you choose to not let you down. Our customer case studies give more examples of just how far we’re willing to go to help.

Cadbury World
Cadbury World

As a leading chocolate brand across the country, Cadbury World is a fantastic place to discover the history and tradition of chocolatiers thanks to our informative and interactive visitor centre. You will learn where the craft began and how it has evolved over the years, with live demonstrations by our talented team and much more. This is a great day out for the whole family that you can take at your own pace to make sure you get the most out of your day.