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We have a great range of quality vans for hire in Crawley but if you’re looking for something more specific, you can hire a van in Croydon or find another branch more suitable for your location.


Medium and Long-Term Rental Vans in Crawley

Crawley is a market town steeped in history, sitting on one of the main roads south from the capital. This has proven to be a big trade route over the years, and the town’s position made it a great location for many businesses. With Gatwick Airport close by, there’s a steady influx of goods and people both in and out of the area. 

The excellent public transport links make Crawley a great place to explore the local area from, on top of the road network. Crawley itself is seeing big investment and development, once a manufacturing hub for the country that has now evolved to become a service and retail area. Locally, there are plenty of attractions and cultural points to explore, as well places only a short distance away. 

At Northgate Crawley, we’ve created a van hire contracts that are designed with your business in mind. They are perfect for medium and long-term plans, offering a good balance of stability and flexibility and start from just three months to over five years. 

Our rental vans in Crawley are of the highest quality and sourced from the biggest manufacturers from around the world. This means you can be sure the vehicle you choose won’t let you down and will help you complete every job. That’s why Northgate are the best choice for van hire in the area, and we’re easy to reach from nearby places such as Horsham, Copthorne and more.

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Hiring the best van for you in Crawley

There are plenty of advantages to hiring a van in Crawley, and the most obvious is the increased space that comes with a larger vehicle. This allows you to load more equipment or goods for each journey, allowing you to get more done in the same amount of time. This increases efficiency by reducing the amount of time spent restocking and you’ll see a big impact straight away. 

To make sure the vehicle you pick is the right one, our team are ready to help. We have a large selection of vehicles to choose from, and we work with you to narrow down your options. We want to understand your business, the kind of journeys you make and the conditions you’ll face as much as possible. 

We also consider factors of the vehicle itself. This includes the size, wheelbase, mileage and even engine type, with petrol, diesel and electric models available. Once we take all of this into account, you can see the most relevant vehicles we have.

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Places to visit in Crawley

Crawley Borough Council
Crawley Borough Council

Crawley Borough Council is your first stop to find out information about the local area, keeping residents and visitors up to date on what’s going on. That includes events in the area as well as news that impacts the people living there. You’ll also be able to fill out forms, complete applications and much more, all in one place. There are still physical locations to use when needed, but the web platform gives more people a chance to find the services they require.

South East England van hire options
South East England van hire options

Our van hire options at Northgate in West Sussex are made to be flexible, giving you total control of your resources for the duration of the term. You can also avoid the large, upfront cost that comes with buying a van outright. This ensures you have the vehicles you need for your current situation without tying you into a situation that might not be suitable in the future.

Customer service in West Sussex
Customer service in West Sussex

Check our customer case studies to see the lengths we’ll go to ensure everyone has a great experience with Northgate. From well maintained and thoroughly serviced vehicles to ongoing support throughout your hire term, you can trust us to help no matter what the situation may be.